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Creating new web page

Control page

Watch this video.

In order to update your wiki website, open control page in your web browser. You will be asked to sign in unless you have already done it.

Domain name

There is a domain name assigned to every wiki account; it is indicated at the top of the wiki control page.

Right after creating a wiki account, your new website will be available on (where X, Y, Z are some digits); later you may want to register your own domain name either at Lean Web Solutions or elsewhere. Then, clicking "configure this wiki account" on the wiki control page will allow you to update your domain name.

Page name

To create a new web page, one has to name it.

If this is the very first page, its name must be index (this will be the "landing" page for your website).

There are two special pages:

Edit content

  1. Scroll down to "Source (text) files".
  2. Type name of your new web page in the input field near "create new page" and press enter (or click "create new page").
  3. Your new page appears in the list of (alphabetically sorted) existing web pages.
  4. Click . A text editing window will open.
  5. Following basic formatting rules, fill your page with text.
  6. Click "save" button at the top right. You will be returned to the list of files.
  7. Before publishing your newly created web page, preview it clicking .
  8. If you find mistakes, edit the page again.
  9. Publish the page by clicking .

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